Saturday Morning Pam-toons. Why would I lie on my mandatory diversity pledge? (Scroll down)

Universities Canada principles on equity, diversity and inclusion, October 26, 2017,

“Universities Canada make an explicit public commitment to seven principles [on equity, diversity, and inclusion],” available here. (accessed 11 February 2022)

A Guide to Preparing Your Diversity Statement,” Algonquin College, Ottawa, Canada, accessed 11 February 2022.


“If you have been invited for a faculty interview, you may be requested to also provide a written response to the following statement:

Please submit a description, approximately two pages, of how you will through your past, present, and planned contributions to equity, diversity, and/or inclusion in teaching, research and/or service support a diverse and inclusive community at Algonquin College.

Sample AC [Algonquin College] Diversity Statement provided for career applicants, pdf link. Excerpt (confession?):

“As a British born, white, educated, wealthy Canadian woman, I am just beginning to recognize and acknowledge my privilege and its related power to either engage others or cause further harm.”

Christopher J. Ferguson, “Do Diversity Statements Help Diversity? Does requiring diversity statements from university faculty help students?”, Psychology Today, October 31, 2021, accessed 11 February 2022.


  • Requiring diversity statements for faculty applicants is becoming more common.
  • At present, little evidence suggests diversity statements work to promote diversity, student success, or harmony among diverse groups.
  • Diversity statements may mainly serve to promote ideological homogeneity within universities.

Cause for concern?

The Loyalty Oath Controversy 1949-1951, University of California History Digital Archives, 2006, Accessed 11 February 2022.

Summary of Loyalty Oath Events (timeline).

The Algonquin College Applicant Diversity Statement Sample in its entirety (I’ve saved the .pdf in the event it is withdrawn from the College website. I’ve also taken screen shots of the statement guide page):

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