Welcome to Pam-mentations. I’m Pam — thus the name of my blog. Yes, ‘Pam-mentations’ sounds like ‘lamentations,’ but my purpose in writing this blog is not to lament. Rather, I have conflated ‘Pam’ with the word ‘mentation’ – which simply means mental activity. By this light, my blog serves as a repository for some of the conceptual issues that trouble me. I think that these issues might – or even should – trouble others as well.

As a philosopher, I keep my head in the clouds and my boots on the ground. Before entering academia, I raised a family and lived in a non-academic and often adversarial environment. I’m a working class girl. Consequently, I see myself as a bridge between two worlds often regarded as very far apart. My philosophy melds the rigorous analytic tradition with the practical wisdom borne of more than four decades navigating what some in academia refer to as ‘the real world.’ And so I think I bring a valuable perspective to the philosophical table.

On my blog, I will consider questions such as: 1) “What is meant by ‘a scientific world view’?” (what troubles me about this question is in determining what kind of world view is not a scientific world view – and, for that matter, just what is meant by a ‘world view’?); 2) “How exactly does playing with Ouija boards and engaging in other activities deemed ‘irrational’ undermine rationality and scientific thought?”; and, 3) “Do people actually lose sleep over the plight of flood victims in Bangladesh?”

What I hope readers will take away from my blog are my troubles.


(All photos on this site are my own. I have taken each personally.)