Saturday Morning Pam-toons. Of the Right to be Right or Wrong. (With updated article, C2C Journal.)

Update :

A comprehensive article on the Frances Widdowson case and the state of academic freedom in Canada, generally: Peter Shawn Taylor, “Academic Freedom vs. Wokeism: The Frances Widdowson Affair“, C2C Journal, February 2, 2022, accessed 7 February 2022. (Thank you, A.R., for bringing this article to my attention.)

Frances Widdowson has been fired from Mount Royal University (MRU),Calgary, Alberta, Canada, 2022.

Widdowson plans to appeal.

A culture has been allowed to develop in which it is seen as acceptable, even virtuous, for an academic to sign an open letter that calls for another to be dismissed or defunded.

Higher Education: free speech and academic freedom (Department of education, Govt UK, February, 2021)

A blog post by Paul Viminitz on Frances Widdowson, September 2020.

Society for Academic Freedom and Scholarship (SAFS, Canada)

The Chicago Principles

Free Expression at the University of Chicago

Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE)

Free Speech is Neither Conservative Nor Liberal (Part 8 of a series of answers to bad arguments against free speech)

Heterodox Academy

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