Saturday Morning Pam-toons. Ya gotta grab somethin’

Ya gotta grab somethin’

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  1. My only response (other than I really like the way that you sketch) is: “Just say no!”

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  2. Thanks Cat!

    Well, one might say “no” to the symbols I’ve sketched here. I had thought about adding more but wanted to keep the perception of a mobile in a crib.

    I wonder whether if one says “no”, she isn’t grabbing something else. A belief in free will, autonomy, a moral theory?

    And I wonder how many of our beliefs we can’t help but grab.

    Here, I have a number of things in mind. One being the milieu of beliefs babes are born into. I’m not talking about what Mom and Dad believe per se (think of the contingents of angry ex-Catholics, “Jack” Mormons, and so on). I am thinking that babes tend to have some pretty custom-made mobiles of beliefs to choose from, e.g. some might have one lonely offering while others might have a veritable chandelier of beliefs dangling in front of them. Much depends on culture, geography, education, etc.. What interests me is what is it about “that” belief that attracts the grabber? Which shiny, squeaky, textured, and/or colourful belief becomes one’s object of desire?


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