Thoughlets. xxvii.

Two SJW slogans are: Silence is Violence and Words are Violence. 

If silence is violence, then one must speak.

But words are violence. If words are violence, then one must be silent.

But silence is violence.To avoid absurdity, the SJW must stipulate that Some Silence is Violence and Some Words are Violence – neither of which make great slogans.

But which silence is violence and which words are violence? We couldn’t have a conversation if all silence is violence, unless we all converse in sign language or solely by writing notes to each other. 

So there must be a list of things we must not be silent about, words we must say. And there is a corresponding list of words we must not say, those words we must condemn to silence. So, some words are not violence and some silence is not violence. 

The words we must not say are compelled silence, the words we must say, compelled speech. 

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  1. Saturday Morning Pam-toons. Cf. Mao, Be Your Authentic Self. –

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