As opposed to an “A” struction? Or worse, a “D” struction ?!!

I imagine structions are rated on a danger-scale from A through D. An A is precautionary for ‘in the unlikely event’, but be aware something can go wrong. A B denotes a strong likelihood of minor injury or inconvenience. C, you can really get hurt. D, there’s no hope at all. O? Well, that’s a blood type. If you have an O “B” Struction, there is a risk of clotting.

Grrrrooooooaaaannnnn!! Well, in the words of a beloved friend, “I crack me up!”

Have a wonderful day!

p.s. The photo was taken from a Narrow Boat on a canal in the the UK.

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  1. Narrowboat. Life for me is a [narrow]boat fantasy, watchin' the sun go down….* Series.6.3. Fin. –

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