Identity-angst is not just for teens.

Amid the angst and drama of the teen years is discovering one’s identity and where one fits in. But adults struggle with these issues, too. Some learn to just ‘fit in’. Some happily. Others feeling suffocated, wearing a mask, harbouring regrets. The mid-life crisis is a common phenomenon, as is a marital partner leaving to find myself. Some of us pursue the dreams we couldn’t access as youth, often with great social pressure for our folly (especially if we study philosophy). Others have no choice but to pursue more pragmatic goals. Some spend their entire lives wondering not what will I eat today, but will I eat today? Some will eat but have no one to talk to. Some will be spoon fed (by whom?). Sometimes we spend so much time with our eyes fixed on the past, we forget to look at ourselves. Or, perhaps, we don’t want to. Some of us look in a mirror and don’t recognize the aging wo(man) looking back.

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