On this page, I am collecting ‘Bigs’ — as a curiosity. I’m curious about the word ‘Big’ and the conceptual work that ‘Big’ does. I wonder, for example, ‘Big’ compared to what? And is ‘Big’ bad and ‘Small’ (or whatever it is that is not Big) good ?  I can’t image that ‘Small’ Oil and ‘Small’ Tobacco, if there are such beasts, are thought good. Mind you, good requires an indexical, such as good for ….

If ‘Big’ is bad, what is it that makes ‘Big’ bad?  Profit? Market Share?

Class Sizes: Is Big Bad and Small Good?

(Typed ‘big’ into the Google search bar — just over 1.5 billion…BILLION hits! Big is big!)

All Sides

Well, I have no definite plan for this page. We’ll just see where it goes.

Big Business

Big Pharma

(small pharma)

Big Medicine

Big Tobacco

(small tobacco)

Big Alcohol

Big Beer

Big Science

Big Agriculture

A Hybrid: Big Agriculture, Big Secrets, Big Food

Big Aquaculture 

A Hybrid: Big Data in Big Oil

Big Food

Big Pork

Big Chicken 

Big Poultry

Big Sugar

Big Government

Big Education

Big Oil

Big Data

A Hybrid: Big Data Outpaces Big Oil

Big Journalism

Big Media

Big Box Store (Retailer)

Big Fashion

Big Banks 

A Hybrid: Big Tech Firms Are Behaving Like Big Banks

Big Green

Big Tourism

Big Philanthropy 

(Isn’t small philanthropy just charitable giving?)

David and Goliath; Jack the Giant Killer; championing

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