Just a thought. 8.

'Tis not solely in poetry and music, we must follow our taste and sentiment, but likewise in philosophy. -- David Hume. Ed. Ernest C. Mossner. A Treatise of Human Nature. Penguin Classics: New York. 1985 (First published 1739 and 1740). p 153 See also:  Aristotle. We are sensing things. Series 1.1.

Narrowboat in the Spring

I took these photos whilst pointing my lens out the window of a narrowboat on an English canal, first one way and then the other. (You can see the change in direction of the wake.) We’d travelled a short distance between shots, but even so the difference in colour from one direction to the other…

Some grey morning.

But for the use of the zoom lens, I've made no adjustments to this photo. Some mornings just are this grey. Dull, heavy, wet. I'd have missed this remarkable view had I let these things deter me from a walk.  Some grey morning.