The Work-Life of Mackenzie, My Son & Guest Contributor, In Pictures.

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  1. Absolutely stunning photos. Thank you for the glimpse into a life I know next to nothing about, even though my lifestyle depends on workers like Mac.

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  2. As people depend on you. We’re like rowers chained to our seats on opposite sides of a massive seafaring boat. We can’t get a look at each other, but we depend on each other to pull those oars.

    Tonight, as we sleep, someone is ensuring our tinned food is safely sealed, another is monitoring the water treatment plant, another is sanitising and restocking shelves, another is glazing freshly fried donuts, another is patrolling schools, another is talking to us on the radio (for those who still listen to the radio), another is crossing the border with a cargo of fruit, another ….

    And each of these people have to eat, have to sleep, have to pee, have to get from here to there, have names ….


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