A Punny Ode to Jason. *Groaner-warning.*

If you are averse to puns, I warn you: TURN BACK NOW! Still reading? All right then.

So, who’s Jason? Only one of the niftiest, most intelligent and decent people I know. Jason and I enjoyed philosophy homework parties at my house every Friday night for nearly seven years. And notwithstanding that our homework days are over, we continue to PARTY! on Fridays. At precisely 8:32 p.m. Yes, we are Phil-nerds. As is my husband, Paul, and Jason’s lovely partner, Michaela. (Jason was my surprise-maid-of-honour at our flash-mob wedding. But that’s another story.) 

Anyway, two summers ago the four of us did some touring in the UK. Now, there might be a causal relationship with the fact that the UK has the best beer in the world, but puns happened. And while Jason isn’t a heavy punner, when he lets one drop it’s good. Jason has impeccable timing. But he outdid himself at Hadrian’s Wall. Hence I wrote the following tribute in Jason’s honour, and include his offending pun for your pun-ishment thereafter.

A Punny Ode to Jason.

I must concede you are the master, indeed you are much faster, than I, at rolling puns, off your pun-tificating tongue, and instead of old-man groaners, you’re producing belly-toners, and since they’re really very clever and I must make heavy weather of the chances that I’ll laugh being twice as good as half, to you I raise my wine-glass as you truly are the finest, at making little zingers sure to leave a smile that lingers — here’s to you my punny friend, and may your punning never end, here’s to you! *clink-clink*

Hadrian’s Wool.


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