Come on, how much do you really want to know? 2.2

If you really want to get detailed, and disturbed, about how much faith you put in the things that matter for your life, think of having a surgery. Just think about the doctor’s trust in the science she refers to, the variety and precision of the equipment she uses, the sterilization of equipment, the pharmaceuticals, the public and governmental watchdog organizations, that the doctor won’t be impaired by her looming divorce and undiagnosed Parkinson’s tremor, the cleanliness of the operating room, the safety of the building, the adequacy of the power source, the skill of the anesthesiologist and the safety of the chemicals she uses, and so on – with all the things that can go wrong, we should marvel at how often things work! And you. You just hop on the table. Come on, how much do you REALLY want to know?

Categories: Rhetoric and Epistemology

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