I’m far from the only one worried about cell phone use.

  1. A photo series by Eric Pickersgill entitled Removed features portraits of people engrossed in their cell phones but with the cell phones removed. Their postures and expressions are both sad and disturbing. What should bother us is that these scenes are ubiquitous. Worse, so many of us can substitute ourselves for the subjects. In this sense, the photos are self-portraits. We should wonder at what we see. Pickersgill’s  “About” page includes a project statement, and video material including two Ted Talks by Pickersgill entitled “Do Our Devices Divide Us?” and “How are we really connecting with our devices?”
  2. The #DeviceFreeDinner project. A campaign by Common Sense Media (endorsed by the American Academy of Paediatrics) aimed at improving the health of children and families through sensible limits on the use of technology. Particularly, the campaign encourages using dinner time to actually talk to each other. Face to face. In the flesh. Distraction free.
  3. An article by Eric Andrew-Gee entitled “Your smart phone is making you stupid, anti-social, and unhealthy. So why can’t you put it down?” Andrew-Gee “explores the growing body of scientific evidence that digital  distraction is damaging our minds.” Globe and Mail. January 6, 2018. (Updated April 10, 2018.)


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