Everywhere one looks, people of all ages have their heads down staring at their cell phones. I’ve a thought about this phenomenon. It’s one thing discovering technology late in life, when one has a store of so many experiences. But what of the young? I wonder, what will become of nostalgia?

Imagine the conversations.

Do I think having a cell phone took away from my childhood? Of course not. I did lot’s of stuff. Normal stuff. Just like everyone else. I texted and I went to the candy store and bought gum. I texted and I sat. I texted and I walked. I texted while I bathed. I laid in bed and texted until 3 in the morning.  I texted when I woke up. I texted before I peed. I texted while I peed. I texted at the breakfast table. I texted and took out the trash. I texted on the school bus. I texted until the bell rang. Ms. Teachy doesn’t allow cell phones. So I texted under my desk. I texted the cute girl in class. I did notice her! Every recess, we sat beside each other and texted. Until the day she sent me a break-up text. I didn’t notice she’d stopped sitting beside me days ago.

Of course I had friends. Some I’ve even met. How do I know them? I’ve saved all their selfies. Duh. My friends and I texted for hours and hours. We went for ice cream and didn’t look at each other. We went for burgers and didn’t look at each other. We went to the movies and watched our cell phone screens. We bought the tickets from our phones. We ordered popcorn from our phones. We texted Mom to pick us up. We never did find John.

Yes, of course there’s a generation gap here. What’s with this older generation that doesn’t understand English? My Uncle wanted me to see the Galaxy, and he drove me to the park to see a bunch of stars. What a rip! And then he made me watch the original Star Wars. It was boring. And my Uncle was way too excited. Even worse, he tried telling me that C3PO is an Android. Old people need to get with the real world.

Of course I have memories of my family. Like everyone else, some good and some bad. The good times? Well, I wrote to Santa (I knew it was Mom) and asked for the newest cell phone. Santa delivered. Every Christmas. Then I’d spent all day eating and texting my friends about my new phone. And they’d tell me about their new phones. It was fun! But my biggest laugh was the time I walked into a glass door while texting and I needed 8 stitches. I texted all my friends from the emergency room. The best part is that they texted back that someone posted a video on You Tube of me cracking my head on the glass. I got more than 100,000 views! The bad times? We went camping in Yellowstone Park. Did you know there are places you can’t get cell phone reception? What are you supposed to do?! It was the longest two days of my life. Even worse, my Mom kept making me smile for pictures in front of some fountain. Lame. She put the pictures on Facebook when we got home. It was a real drag ’cause her friends kept telling me I had so much fun. But then there was the worst time of all. My cousin died when he was 17. He was my hero. How’d he die? Oh, he was texting and driving. I texted everyone from the funeral that it was the worst day of my life. Anyways, this girl texted me that it was the worst day of her life because she was sitting at her mom’s funeral because her mom was driving the other car. How can anyone say that when my life is being ruined?, I texted to all of my friends. I had the best friends. They all texted back. Did she actually say that?! What a bitch! So, I guess my worst day was really kind of my best day because I knew for sure my friends will stick up for me when someone attacks me. And that’s what really matters in life. Your friends.

*bling* bzzzzzzzz *bling* bzzzzzzzzz *bling* bzzzzzzzzzz *bling* bzzzzzzzzz











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